Vestis Team

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Vestis Team

We believe in treating our employees like family, we are a close group that believes in doing quality work with our hands and our minds. We believe in traditional American quality products that have a modern touch of engineering.

Vestis Team

Our team combines traditional American manufacturing prowess with the most modern engineering principles and practices.

Vestis Team




Quality Projects By Quality People.

Dan Mcgee
Dan McgeeGeneral Manager
Dan Mcgee is the general manager for Vestis Systems. Dan has an MBA and has been with Vestis for 5 years. Dan is passionate about helping his employees find success in their lives, prototyping new products, and streamlining new processes. Dan enjoys building things with his hands, helping his son with school prjects, and learn anything new.
Tiffany Rife
Tiffany RifeOffice Manager
Tiffany Rife is is the office manager for Vestis Systems. Tiffany has an A.A. in Business Administration with 19 years of customer service and business management. Tiffany has been with Vestis for 4 years and wears several hats in order to help the Vestis team in anyway she can. Tiffany enjoys all of Spokane’s outside activities like hiking and going to the lakes.
Ricky Poon
Ricky PoonProject Manager


Our crew represents the best of what America has to offer. Fully one third of our staff served in the United States military. We appreciate that sacrifice every day. They know how to serve our nation, our community, and our customers. And they flat-out get the job done.

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