How Is Vestis Systems Different From Other Architectural Canopy Companies?

Vestis Systems architectural canopies comparison with Mapes Canopies, MASA Architectural Canopies, and other Architectural Canopy Companies.

Vestis Systems | Fast. Simple. Quality.

“Get Modular”

Innovative modular architectural products that simplify your commercial projects.

What sets Vestis Systems apart from all the other architectural canopy companies is being committed to simplifying your commercial project. We use our lean manufacturing methods to create a superior aluminum canopies product that doesn’t require field assembly or build on-site. Instead, our canopy system is designed to be simply installed on-site, saving you time and money.

Modular, But With American Quality, You Can Trust

Our lean manufacturing process allows us to build prefabricated canopies, louvered sunshades, and commercial awnings that are a modular design but superior American quality you can trust. We have successfully combined the custom aluminum commercial canopy quality with a modular canopy design. You get the best of both worlds with quality and speed in our pre-designed canopy line. Check out our 5 reasons why modular canopy systems are more efficient article.

pre-designed aluminum canopy

Lean manufactured pre-designed aluminum canopy | Image: Vestis Systems

No Field Assembly Needed, Gone Are The Days Of Build On-Site

We want to simplify your commercial building project by removing tedious field assembly and build on-site architectural canopies. Our architectural canopies and commercial awnings come ready to be installed; gone are the days of hoping you have all of the right pieces to assemble your aluminum canopy. We build our architectural canopies to be simply installed by a two-person crew, yes, only two people, and it takes half the time to install. Other competitors make aluminum pre-fabricated canopies that have to be assembled on-site, this can be a long costly step when installing your architectural canopy. 

Fueled By Innovation And Customer Satisfaction

We are as innovative as we are hardworking, we aren’t afraid to take risks and take on new challenges, we continually ask ourselves how can we innovate new features to make our architectural canopies and commercial awnings better? We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and have strived to please our customers since 1883. When you work with Vestis Systems, you get a team ready to take on your most challenging projects, and we will continue to rise to the occasion every time. 

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