Pre-Designed Architectural Canopy

Riverfront Park

We worked with Bacon Concrete to install our pre-designed architectural aluminum canopy on a concrete building that is part of the Providence Playscape development located in downtown Spokane’s Riverfront Park. Thanks to our Simple Installation, the prefabricated aluminum canopy installation time was only 5 hours with a two-person crew. This included pairing a mate canopy and drilling our knife plates. 

architectural canopy installaluminum architectural canopy

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pre-designed architectural canopy
prefabricated architectural canopy
pre-designed architectural canopy

Architectural Product Details | Pre-Designed Architectural Canopy

Bacon Concrete wanted a lightweight and durable architectural canopy that would attach to their concrete building. We went with our pre-designed aluminum canopy because of the lower price point and simple installation. The two-person install made it easier to coordinate and budget-friendly. 

  • Mounting-Square Knife Plate With Hanger Rod

  • Fascia- C-Channel

  • Deck- Flate

  • Canopy Color- Charcoal

Commercial Project Details

Riverfront Park in Spokane, WA, is featured on the National Geographic list of America’s most beautiful urban parks. The Providence Playscape is part of the recent development efforts within the park, and we had the opportunity to work with Bacon Concrete and provide prefabricated architectural canopies on their concrete building that will offer a modern, sleek look. Providence Playscape is an inclusive playground for people of all abilities and ages generously donated through a community benefit grant from Providence Health Care. Bacon Concrete is a family-owned business for 75 years, and they specialize in concrete development, curbs, and walkways. They have been instrumental in the redevelopment of Spokane’s Riverfront Park and other public works projects.