Pre-Designed Canopies

Easy to order, Pre-Built, and Simple to install.

Architectural Aluminum Canopies

American Quality, Quick Turnaround, Simple Installation, and No Field Assembly.

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Lower Price Point

Pre-Designed aluminum canopy system.

Pre-Designed Aluminum Canopy

We utilize our lean manufacturing methods to develop and design several prefabricated canopy systems that are manufactured in advance allowing us to reduce overhead costs and pass the savings along to you. 

American Quality Lean Manufacturing

Fast Turnaround

Lean manufactured in advance.

Lean Manufacturing

Your project deserves made-in-America quality. We combine our lean manufacturing methods with our pre-designed canopies for short lead times and superior quality. We manufacture our pre-designed aluminum canopies in advance to speed up turnaround times to get you canopies quicker. 

Simple Install

No field assembly needed.

Reduced Hours On-site

When we design and manufacture our aluminum canopies, we think about the installer first. Our canopies show up ready to be installed on-site with only a 2-person crew. Gone are the days of long field assembly times, we reduce your hours on-site, saving you time and money.

Pre-Engineered Canopies

Fast. Simple. Quality.

American quality defines our pre-designed aluminum canopies. We utilize our lean manufacturing methods to develop and design several prefabricated canopy systems manufactured in advance, allowing us to reduce overhead costs and pass the savings along to you.

Our pre-designed canopies are lean manufactured in advance. You don’t have to wait for the traditional custom build-times; instead, you pick from our set of specs and features, then we ship if the right to your site.

Maybe the most significant benefit of our pre-designed canopies is the reduced hours on-site. With the combination of aluminum and a modular canopy design, you get a pre-designed aluminum canopy that can be simply installed with only two people! No need for a crane or a four-person team that takes countless hours to install. With our prefabricated aluminum canopy system, you get a streamlined ordering process, quick turnaround times, and simple installation, all of this combined reduces your hours on-site. 

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Pre-Engineered Aluminum Canopies

No field assembly required

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    Pre-Designed Canopies

    We value your timeline and your budget so we pre-design every aspect of your aluminum canopy so you get the same American Vestis quality with a short time saving turn around.


    • Pre-Designed Styles

    • Quicker Turnaround Times

    • Simple Installation

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    Aluminum C-Channel Canopy Commercial Storefront
    Aluminum C-Channel Canopy Commercial on brick
    Aluminum C-Channel Canopy

    Why Choose Prefabricated Aluminum Canopies?

    Vestis Systems is now offering an innovative prefabricated aluminum canopy builder that saves property owners and project managers time and money when searching for their next outdoor canopy solution.

    Our prefab canopies are ideal for a wide range of applications including storefronts, restaurants, hotels, schools, or commercial buildings and our range of popular options can make your outdoor space more attractive and modern. Choose the architectural canopy frame, width, projection, and colors to match your existing structure or new commercial project.

    Our modular canopy system is constructed of lightweight aluminum, guaranteed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Because they are lightweight, Vestis prefab aluminum canopies can span longer distances and need less support, while our premium materials ensure a rust-free surface that will last the lifetime of your building.

    If you are looking for all the benefits of a prefab canopy, simply visit our canopy builder, select the options that are the best fit for your project, and order online. We’ll provide you with a summary of your order, a lead time estimate, and the total cost. Not ready to order? No problem, your estimate will be stored in our system for up to 30 days. Still, have questions? Our knowledgeable customer service team is here to help walk you through each step of the way!

    When choosing your next aluminum canopy, it’s important to consider strength, durability, weight, and aesthetics. Our architectural aluminum canopy builder allows you to select widths ranging from 4ft, 8ft, and 12ft. Select the projection, or depth of your canopy in 3ft, 4ft, or 5ft distances from the base of your building. You can even select whether you would like to add color to the bottom or top of your covering, using popular colors like polar white, charcoal, mocha, or kelly green.

    Best of all, each aluminum canopy includes simple installation, reducing your labor costs, and simplified site coordination. 

    Enjoy the benefits of a prebuilt canopy by Vestis Systems and get the benefits of shade, shelter, and potential energy saving by reducing the amount of sunlight entering your building. A professional looking canopy installation can turn your shop, storefront, entryway, or walkway into a visual landmark, an attractive and visually pleasing structure is sure to draw in foot traffic.

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