Introducing our Aluminum Balcony System “Decklets.” Designed to accelerate all Multi-family Housing and Commercial Projects by providing a Bolt-On-Balcony turnkey system.

Prefabricated Balcony System

Vestis Systems Decklets is a complete prefabricated aluminum balcony system designed for multi-family and commercial developments. With its modular, innovative, and versatile design, there is no balcony system that can match it.

Engineered from high quality aluminum to meet building codes in every state and long-lasting durability.

aluminum bolt on balcony with a powder-coat finish

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Aluminum Balcony System

Our Balcony System “Decklets” are innovative and engineered for multi-family and commercial projects. Our aluminum balcony system accelerates your projects to occupancy with quick turnarounds and simple installation.


  • Prefabricated Styles

  • Quicker Turnaround Times

  • Simple Installation

    Prefabricated Balcony Benefits

    A truly turnkey prefabricated balcony system engineered from extruded aluminum for superior durability and simple installation.

    Extruded Aluminum

    Meets Building Codes

    20-Minute Install Time

    Reduce Site Coordination

    Quick Turnarounds

    Flat packed Shipping


    Sure we could talk about ourselves and tell you how great we are, but why do that when we have excellent testimonials from people we work with daily from the construction and architecture industry.

    vestis systems team member welding

    Why Vestis

    Innovative. Modular. Aluminum.

    We believe every product we engineer should make your life easier, everything from no field assembly to simple installs. This is why our products are turn-key, want our products to solve problems, not create them.


    We believe our products are only as good as the relationships we develop with our customers

    American Quality

    Everything we design, develop, and engineer is in Spokane, WA. Our team builds real American quality products you can trust.

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